School Schedule | Help Tutorial - Step 2 - Definition of the working week

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  • Step 2 - Creating the working week
  • The first challenge when creating your schedule is to properly assemble the working week of your institution, because this step will be crucial for the remaining of the process. The week should accurately represent the days and schedules in which the institution works:
  • Example 1: Week beginning the first class at 7:30, 6 lessons per day, except Friday that lacks the last class. 50 minute lessons and a 20 minute break after the 3rd lesson of the day.
  • School Schedule - Screenshot Step 2 - Week
  • Do not leave this stage until your week is perfectly represented.

  • Common question: If some classrooms have different schedules, how can I assemble my week?
  • Answer: If for example you are setting up the schedule of an high school (6 lessons per day) and of an elementary school (5 lessons per day) then you should create your week with the longer period. In step 4, you have the option to block that last schedule to the elementary school classrooms.

  • Only mount the schedule that way if the professors are shared between these classrooms in different working schedules. Otherwise, create a schedule to the elementary school and another one to the high school. The cost will be the same for the total number of classrooms.