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School Schedule | Help Tutorial - Step 4 - Classrooms / Classes and curricular schedule grid

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  • Step 4 - Classrooms and schedule grid
  • In this step you should enter which are the classrooms and the curricular schedule grid of each one of them.
  • View the options of Step 4:
  • School Schedule Software - Screenshot - Menu Step 4
  • Each classroom can optionally have a restriction of working schedule Therefore, each classroom has a week table that you created in step 2, where you can enable / disable the operation of the classroom.
  • Use this option if you are, for example, building a high school or elementary school schedule with shared professors bewteen the two school levels, where the high school has 6 lessons per day and the elementary school has 5 lessons per day.
  • View an example: "Classroom: 1o. Middle Year" without any working restrictions and Classroom 5th Series A that does not work in the last schedule every day.
  • Assembling a school grid - Example of Classroom Step 4
  • Assembling a school grid - Example of Classroom Step 4
  • Example with a association of lessons: Classrooms "5th Series A" and "6th Series A" do Gym Class together.
  • Assembling a school schedule grid - Association of lessons
  • A lesson's association can only be created between classrooms that have the same subject and quantity as a weekly schedule grid.