School Schedule | Help Tutorial - Step 5 - Professors and their availabilities

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  • Step 5 - Professors
  • This is the most important step and it is the one that causes the majority of doubts and registration errors. You should inform which are the professors, which are the subjects that they lecture as well as their own availability.
  • View all the options of Step 5:
  • School schedule program - Professors Menu
  • * A school schedule has a solution if there is a minimum number of hours-professor enough to meet the demand registered in step 4 (Classrooms and Scheudle Grid). While the P button is showing, you are ​​sure that the solution is not possible.
  • Each professor, as well as the classrooms, may optionally have a scheudle restriction available. Each professor has their own table of the week, which was created in step 2, where you can enable, disable or set as unwanted each availability schedule.
  • View an example: Professor José who lectures Math and Physics, CANNOT lecture on Tuesday, HE PREFERS not to lecture on Wednesday in the last 3 hours, lectures up to 15 classes a week, being that on Monday he may lecture up to 3 classes. It does not have any registered days off. MUST Lecture Math in the 6th. Series A and CANNOT lecture Physics in the 6th Series A. IT MAY lecture Physics and Math in any other classroom that it needs. It will attend the weekly meeting called "Planning lessons".
  • Software to build school schedules - Professor Example - Step 5

  • Availibilities and Days Off
  • In Easy Schedule the availability of the professor can be checked in 2 ways as well as they can be combined.: Blocking the week's schedules / or informing about days off / fixed.
  • If the professor cannot lecture on tuesday, you can set that day off in 2 different ways. View an example:
  • School schedule - Example of the professors' availability

  • If the professor should have one day off, but not in a specific day, you should use the days off to set that availability. View below:
  • School schedule program - Professors' days off
  • We designate by days off when the professor should take at least 1 day off, but that day is not set. Using the days off is less restrictive than marking the schedules in red, because Easy Schedule will have a bigger probability of handling lessons avoiding locking the other professors and consequentially increasing the solution's probability. However, with the days off the suggestions' calculation is much more complex and there may be a case where the system can not give a good suggestion in order improving the schedule. Consequently we recommend to use the days off after obtaining at least one viable solution and having analyzed the system's suggestions.
  • View other combinations:
  • School schedule grid - Professor's availability
  • Create school schedule - Professor's availability

  • View the example below:

  • View the example below:
  • Do not try to duplicate the professor's schedule by closing all of his availabilities. Only mark in red the days / schedules that the professor cannot really lecture. By doing the availability registration as shown above, you can make the schedule of the harmed professors, because Easy Schedule will obligatorily allocate the professors' subjects in these schedules leaving very few options for the rest of the professors.
    By doing a similar procedure for all professors, it will make the possibility of the solution to be remote due to the very few handling options in the lessons' allocation.
    Instead, mark in red only the days that the professor cannot really lecture and let Easy Schedule to duplicate and minimize the days of the professors automatically.