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  • Improvements in Timetable Analysis Tool
  • The timetable analysis tool has been redesigned to show didactically the problems of availability.
  • With color charts, we show the time spaces with reduced or excess supply of teachers.
  • Automatic suggestions are made for a higher quality solution may be possible.
  • New Suggestion System to Eliminate Timetable's Pending Issues.
  • We redesigned the system of suggestions to make it even easier method to solve the pending issues of the timetable.
  • If your timetable has pending issues in step 5, the pending indicator (P) will be visible in the top menu.
  • Just click on the indicator to the detail screen of pending issues with the suggestions and ways to resolving them be shown.


If your institution has a specific routine that can not be answered by Easy Schedule, make a description of the problem. We will contact you and add the feature with no cost.

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