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  • New reports with customized formatting options and printing PDF
  • Made available in the solution's editor, several reporting options beyond the traditional reports per classrooms and per teachers.
  • You can also customize the formatting with the start and end hours for each allocated space and determine whether the colors should be applied or just simple formatting.
  • Printing in pdf file is available and will respect formatting options selected in the report. We look forward to your review and your suggestion to make this functionality even more interesting .
  • Return of Fixed Schedules functionality.
  • The functionality of FIXED SCHEDULES who had been disabled is back, and much easier to apply.
  • In step 6, click the FIXED CLASSES menu to be directed to the new Solutions editor in order to include the fixed schedules.
  • After you finish allocate classes that must be fixed, save and click back. Remembering that this feature should be used with caution, as fix schedules eliminates several combination possibilities harming other teachers with limited availability.


If your institution has a specific routine that can not be answered by Easy Schedule, make a description of the problem. We will contact you and add the feature with no cost.

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